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Re: Too much babywearing or the wrong crrier?

ouch! 7 hours in a ring sling would do that to me for sure! i love my ring sling, but the one-shouldered carry is just not something i like to do for very long at one time and my current wearee is only about 11-12 lbs.

i could probably do a ssc for that long (i have a bbII) since the weight isn't all on 1 shoulder. but i dunno, 2 days in a row, essentially all day long, that's a lot of wearing. if you're not used to it, i think that would hurt regardless of what carrier you used. also, i always find that i can handle a back carry for quite awhile longer than a front carry. i can't wait until dd is big enough to do a back carry with. front carries just annoy me and pull at my shoulders after awhile. ds is 30 lbs and sometimes it's almost easier to wear him on my back than it is to wear her on my front. the weight just seems to be better distributed like that.

anyways, more than any one thing, i'd say it was a combo of things. and ultimately, no matter what/how you wear your lo, if you do for that long, 2 days in a row, i think some soreness is inevitable. hope you feel better!
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