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Re: Cheapest place to buy math manipulatives?

Originally Posted by iris0110 View Post
Jackie, right now we are using Developing Number Concepts with Unifix Cubes. We have kind of skipped around a bit since he is at a 2nd grade level and many of the suggestions start at a preschool level and work up but there is some great stuff in there and he just loves unifix cubes. I've also had him playing with play money and some flash cards so he can learn what coins look like and how to count money. We have the Discovery Toys Busy Bugs learning set and we have been playing with those, they are just like the bug counters so we have been patterning and counting with them but it is a bit below his level as well, he just enjoys playing with the bugs (I've had the set since Kearnan was probably 3). So that is what we are doing right now. I also have Math to Learn and Math to Learn Teacher Resource which I had intended to use this year and it uses a combination of worksheets and some manipulatives like the abacus, basic counters, base ten cubes, hundreds charts ect to introduce concepts but right now Tharen is refusing to work on it because it has work sheets. I think he would like it if we just did it. The book is really cool.

What I bought for next year and beyond is Hands on Standards and it looks really ideal for teaching him. It is grades 3-4 My problem is that I just never know how to teach things hands on, I learn from reading and worksheets. Unfortunately it requires a bunch of manipulatives I don't have on hand, though I do have many of them. I've got some time to find them though. It is looking like amazon might be the best place.
Excellent, thanks for the resource! I will definitely check it out
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