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Re: What features do you wish your house had?

Originally Posted by babycat42 View Post
If you could change something about your home what would you change?

Our house is too small. I would love more space. Right now we have 2 beds and 1 bath in 800sq ft.
I want 1 bedroom for my daughter so she can have her own room.
A Master suite where we can have a space for sewing , an office, and a place for Dh's hobbies with an off-the-wall-bed to use when we have guests. I want it to be a master suite because I like when guests have their own bathrooms to use.
I like how our room is small I don't see the point to having a super big room when it's only used for sleeping.
I would like an extra family room to use for a playroom for the kids.
I would love to have a walk-in pantry with one side for food and paper products and the other side to store things like holiday decorations and other out of season things in nice clear tubs.
I would like a hallway long enough to have bookshelves going down it on one side.
I would like the room the the kids are in right now to be smaller and to be just for the boys.
I would love it if the carport was a garage or it the laundry was a just a bit bigger and insulated so I could put the extra freezer some where other than next to my kitchen table.

If I could build a dream home it would have 4 bedrooms, 2 small ones, 1 medium one and a good sized master suite(just like I described above) The only room to have a closet would be the master. There would be a huge laundry room family closet.
The kitchen would have stove, dishwasher, fridge. The lower cabinets would be big deep drawers for cookware and a tall pantry cabinet to store appliances. There would be no upper cabinets maybe a shelf or two for dishes. But their would be lots of windows. There would be a island for prep work. I want there to be a comfy seating area to hang out and chat while cooking.
There would be a living room/TV room just for sitting watch TV and the TV could be hidden when we don't want to see it.
There would be a big den with comfy couches and lots of toys this would be our messy hangout room.
It would be nice to have an outdoor sitting area.
It would have a connected 2 car garage with a work shop area.

What would you like to have?
You know, I used to want all those things. Then I started minimizing and focusing on what was really important to me (time with my family, environmental stewardship, connection to nature, etc) and realized that all those extra rooms were just that... extra. Kind of like buying a bunch of pretty containers to store your stuff in instead of purging the things you don't need, kwim?

Now we love our house (that was supposed to be a starter house) and don't plan on leaving or changing anything. In fact now we have too many rooms, lol. The one thing we would love is a bigger yard, but we'd never be able to afford acreage in this area so we've let that go
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