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Re: Lil Shamrocks - Week of Sept 24

Originally Posted by Mom2lucy View Post

had a scare this weekend. everything is ok so far. I am on a semi bed rest. No being on my feet for longer than an hour for a week. The midwife thinks it might be some sort of an infection that is causing contractions in turn causing bleeding. I am still contracting. But great news is baby is fine. He was moving a lot in the ultrasound, and yes, its a BOY! So great! They checked the placenta and for any abnormalities that they could look for at 15w and things like that. Everything looked great. Midwife said it would be incredibly unlikely that i had a miscarriage at this point. so i feel a lot better, but id still really like the cramping to stop. Im pretty sore.
So sorry about your scare! T&P that the cramping will stop soon. ((hugs)) And CONGRATS on your baby boy!!!
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