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Re: KAL ~ Knit something FUN or New! Sept 23-29

Originally Posted by Scaethach View Post
Bound off the storyteller, Pixie thinks it must be for her...
I need to work on mine. Where's the action shot? So cute, Pixie can have it someday

Cute bellies everywhere!!!! You guys are all so young. I didn't even have my first child until 32!

Geez, biting kids are allowed to keep biting? that's not right. Poor Butch

Nice work Mel, as usual, cranking out the stuff. You get the knitting mojo and watch out!

Nice job on the sweater Karen.

Oh my Fi...what's up w/that seller? She sold you 4oz of yarn but told you it was 8oz?????? Watch out seller, he comes Fi

So Shannon, you will have A late all this week? I hope they give you extra food $ too.

FINALLY got my photobook ordered last night after I had several online chat support help sessions, An email and the "super expediated tech support". At least the CS was A+ but still a super pain!

Finished BB season 4 last night. I NEED to get to bed early tonight. Not enough sleep lately.

going over to the docs for preop paperwork and bloodwork this morning. Dipes are washing. Laundry is piling up. Sheets need washing. I'd rather !
Karyn, SAHM to DD (11-29 -04--daddy's bday! DS1(1-5-07) and DS2 (3-16-09). swag with me need something knit? I will knit for trades. examples of work here

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