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Originally Posted by Mom2lucy
qotw: depends. If its been a LOOOONG winter (0ct to june) - summer is my favorite. If its been a mild winter and decent summer then i love fall. This year is all about Fall for me. I am glad to wear fall maternity clothes. I cant wait to wear those uber comfy costco UGG knock offs of mine. I am excited for pumpkin foods, soups, stews, roasts, etc. I really do hate winter though so usually its impending doom can make fall no fun. not this year though!

had a scare this weekend. everything is ok so far. I am on a semi bed rest. No being on my feet for longer than an hour for a week. The midwife thinks it might be some sort of an infection that is causing contractions in turn causing bleeding. I am still contracting. But great news is baby is fine. He was moving a lot in the ultrasound, and yes, its a BOY! So great! They checked the placenta and for any abnormalities that they could look for at 15w and things like that. Everything looked great. Midwife said it would be incredibly unlikely that i had a miscarriage at this point. so i feel a lot better, but id still really like the cramping to stop. Im pretty sore.

I bought some new-to-me diapers. grovia newborns. and a nursing cover and some clothes. I love buying baby stuff!
Congrats on the boy! Sorry you had a rough weekend. Hopefully everything is back to normal soon.

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