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Originally Posted by ElsieCayare View Post
I really don't feel any different, except that my boobs hurt when the 12 month old latches on. He's down to about 4 feedings a day, each being about 5-10 minutes, so I'm sure I can handle it for now.

I was super tired today, though, and fell asleep on my friend's corduroy couch. I had some nice pillow creases after that. She's 13 weeks, so she too was asleep and understood

Not sure when I'm going to tell the Family. Probably Thanksgiving. I'm pretty leery of it. I mentioned that my BFF is pregnant, and there were some negative comments from some of my family members about it being so soon after her son was born (he's 2 days older than mine). Hopefully they all feel like jerks when we make our announcement

I'm 30, and DH is 34 so we really don't have too much time to waste if we are going to have 3 or 4.
Glad I'm not the only one feeling kinda ok! I've been sick twice, and I'm super tired by 9 pm, but during the day I'm feeling pretty good. I can still concentrate, and I have big plans for what I want to get done during the day. By 9 I'm ready to fall over though. And last night the all night pee-a-thon started. I must have gotten up 6 times to go potty! So maybe things are starting to ramp up...though I wouldn't complain about not feeling terribly bad through the first trimester. However, not feeling a lot of sickness will def make it harder to control my weight during pg.

Originally Posted by tricia17lee View Post
I am torn about how long we will wait. (I posted a question about this in the general pregnancy forum). I am not good at keeping secrets like this. And realistically I feel like if something terrible happened I might want the support .... We haven't told anyone yet since I am just today late for AF. Maybe I need to pick a couple people to tell just to get it out of my system and like its real. I think that what makes me uncomfortable about keeping the secret is that it's like we are waiting for a loss ... And that makes me really anxious.

On a positive note (no pun intended) I got a nice dark BFP this AM with my last test.

How long is everyone else planning to wait to tell family and friends?
I've told a few very close friends locally, and several people that live in different states. We don't see them often enough to run the risk of them letting it slip to family! That definitely helped the "I have to tell someone" feeling. IDK how long we'll wait to tell our family. Once we tell MIL it's over...the whole city will know. So I'd like to wait until 12 weeks (which would be beg of nov)...but I don't know if we'll be able to. Especially if I start feeling badly...we live right next door to MIL and she will figure it out pretty fast.
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