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Re: June 2013

I told BFF. She knew we were trying, and she knew about what I think was a Chemical last month. And she told her husband - allowed. And she told a mutual friend - also allowed, since she was out with her when I sent her the test pic. (This was all before DH knew )

Then, DH told his BFF, and his wife, who is also a friend of mine.

But that is it so far. My mother tends to get a little over the top, so she doesn't need to know yet.

I'm always leery because SIL told everyone before the test dried, and then miscarried. DH's BFF told everyone at 10 weeks, and miscarried 2 days later, so I try to only tell a few.

With DS, I started puking at 5 weeks, and didn't stop for 6 months. I was a High School teacher, and I had a VERY difficult boss, an hour + commute, and a very high stress school environment. I'm hoping that the puking continuing so long was due to stress. Once I wrote my letter of resignation, the morning sickness cleared up.
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