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Re: Intensity of pushing

I have this issue as well. I do not know how women birth so quietly. I sound like a dog howling at the moon or something when pushing comes. LOL. I also cannot stop it. I don't know how anyone can "breathe through it" ... I have been told to do that each time and it shocks me each time. I can never, ever stop pushing. I have absolutely no control, and it always amazes me just how strong and intense my body can act with absolutely no willful, conscious effort on my part. It feels like a freight train is coming roaring out of my vagina. Breathe through it? Are you INSANE?! At my last birth, when pushing stage came, I just pitifully looked up at my midwife and said in this tiny, sheepish voice, "please help me!"

One moment, I'm quietly breathing, whimpering, and the next I'm howling and growling and grinding my teeth and panting like a dog, ready to rip you apart if you touch me.

Nothing has ever made me feel so utterly insane.
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