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Re: Having sonogram "read" after the fact?

That is really what happens in any ultrasound, just many places have a radiologist (doctor) that is available to read them right then and there. If she is doing it in the office, she doesn't have that, so sends it out. At our places here the radiologist is there and when the tech has finished she goes and shows him the pictures and he is the one that creates the report for the referring doctor (other other health provider). Perhaps in your state she used to be able to read them herself, but the rules maybe have changed. Here, it has always been a radiologist read them, you just didn't see them unless it was bad news for the most part. I still remember having to wait for a radiologist to come chat with me at one of my u/s-was horrible b/c I knew it likely was something off (I am a nurse)-it all turned out fine, but was very stressful!
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