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Re: How long was the labor with your second lo?

1- 11.5 hrs
2- Water broke at 4:30, didn't have first ctx until 8:30, DD was born at 11:37. Either 7 or 3 hours depending on how you want to count it
3- Water broke at 8:30, didn't have first ctx until 9:45, baby born at 11:45 so 3 hrs 15 minutes or 2 hours depending on how you want to count it.

Water broke prior to onset of active labor with all 3, it was only a 30 minutes gap with DS1. It was always a surprise when my water broke. Odds are I'll have my membranes rupture prior to any contractions or anything this time too...And with each kid I walked into the hospital at 2/3cm. I go from 4-10 in no time flat. Took 25 minutes from 4cm to baby with DS2.
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