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Re: How long was the labor with your second lo?

Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
You've just crushed my spirit. Lol
well, here's the thing...

with my first, I was admitted to the hosp at only 3 cm and I was only in very early labor, where I was uncomfortable and nervous but not in active labor at all.

With my second, he was a homebirth and I didn't recognize the first stage, so I only recognized the active stage.

With my third, I recognized the early stage and I paced nervously all day long, then fell asleep, woke up one hour later, and had a baby about one hour after I woke up.

How do I put accurate times on those? LOL.

The active/intense parts of my labors were kind of like this:

1st - 4 hrs
2nd - 1.5 hrs
3rd - 1 hr
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