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Re: No pantry and very little cabinet space...

I ran into the same problem moving in here, but I had a lot of extra space in the unused (barely an "eat-in") kitchen table area. We have a separate dining room, so I stuck shelving in there, and we had a butcher block kitchen cart which holds a surprising amount, too.

I do use every space creatively, though. I have command hooks on the inside of my cabinets to hold collapsible colanders; I have collapsible measuring cups that fold to 1/4" high each, I am about to switch out my knife block for a magnetic knife strip and I use magnetic spice containers, I found ones I liked (with holes that you just twist the cap to use) at BB&B. (Use the $10 or 20% coupon if possible. They weren't cheap, we used our wedding gift cards for them.)

I hang a lot - I have a wall that I could hang most of my pans and that might be in my future, or else a pot rack. I also only keep a precious few things in "pantry" space. And I keep most of my canning jars (filled ones) in the laundry space since there's plenty of space to hold 24 pint jars stacked.
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