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Re: Homeschooling check-in

I want to join in!!

My ds is in 3rd grade (MFW ECC) and my dd is doing HoD Little Hands to Heaven. She's 3. My other dd (11 mo) is just underfoot all the time. lol We're only into our 3rd week of school for this year and I feel like things are still pretty rocky. We haven't figured out a real great routine yet. We haven't done school yet for the day today, but will get to it after lunch (errands and junk got in the way this morning ) After lunch is definitely not ideal because the kids are in a much better mindset in the morning, but today it was unavoidable.

I'm getting really aggravated with my DS's attitude. I thought this wasn't supposed to start until the teenage years! I try to nip it in the bud as much as possible, but he can REALLY push my buttons. Then I get angry and neither of us have the right attitude.

I'm still seriously struggling with keeping up with housework, but I've found that if I can just FlyLady it (15 minutes at a time! lol) it's at least moderately tolerable.

Wow... I thought this would be a positive post, but now that I'm putting it out there, things are really not ideal around here... Hoping that another week or two will help us find our groove and things will get better. This is my first year HSing more than 1 child. Many more to come, so I better figure it out! lol
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