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Re: Chat Thread ~ Sept 23-29

My skin is wonky too - tons of breakouts even though it's usually really clear/good. I've gone back to my old highschool days staple of washing with Noxema twice a day and it's cleared back up. But if I skip one washing - zits!

No exercise here, I don't like it at the best of times, and now with the m/s and being tired - blech! But I work with a woman in a wheelchair, so at work I'm always pushing her chair, lifting her in and out of it, etc., then at home I'm constantly carrying/lifting/chasing/etc. my 2-year-old so I figure I'm still decently active. I do want to break out my prenatal exercise and yoga DVD though, and maybe bust out the wii-fit. And get back in the habit of walking every evening. I think being in decent shape will make it easier to recover from labour and birth when the time comes...

I'm surprised I'm NOT having hip or pubic bone pain yet this time - I did with DD starting at 10 weeks. I'm bigger this time and 11 weeks tomorrow and still doing okay (knock on wood!). I plan to go see a chiro if it gets bad this time though. Last time I suffered through (my doctor told me there was nothing to be done and to suck it up basically), and could hardly move or walk by the end.
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