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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Wow, Kristin that sounds busy! That's a lot of littles to worry about on top of homeschooling and regular household stuff.

I'm really enjoying reading up on what everyone is doing....this is going to suck up way too much of my time!

Today has not went as planned but it has been a good day. We were talking this morning about family structure with God at the head (which was not in the lesson plans, lol) and how it goes out from there. So then we decided to make a huge poster for DH/Daddy for all he does for us. So the kids wrote "Thank you Dad, for taking care of us" and then they drew several pictures about it (going to work, cutting wood, playing games, ect.) and then we put all our handprints on it. We're leaving it out for him to find when he comes home, because we won't be there then. He'll be super thrilled.

Then (also not in the lesson plans) my children took it upon themselves to sweep the whole house for me. They're wonderful little people. The oldest one said that they were going to take tomorrow off, then sweep it again and that would cut down on my work. I'm not holding my breath for that to happen, but they are so sweet.

This afternoon will be long--they always are on Tuesday. I have the kids eat early and go to nap/rest early because we leave at 2:30 for gymnastics. They love gymnastics but the LO needs her sleep. She has gymnastics at 2:50, then we wait around in Willow until 6:45 for my older girls gymnastics class. It's fun sometimes, but can get kind of old. We go on walks, play at the park, catch up on homeschooling, picinic and that kind of thing. Maybe we'll make up for the stuff we didn't do this morning!
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