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Re: WOHMs in medical field

some great WOHMs i know personally:

Job title? Physician Assistant
Degrees earned? 4 year degree & 2.5 year PA school
Typical weekly schedule? flexible, mostly 8am to 5pm, 40 hours a week
Average wage? 90,000+
What is a typical shift like (what do you DO?) see patients with physicians or work under a physician's license

Job title? speech therapist
Degrees earned? speech therapist (most are masters degree now)
Typical weekly schedule? 30 hours
Average wage? 65,000
What is a typical shift like (what do you DO?) evaluate and treat speech and swallow problems. some therapist will specialize in adults only or kids only

Job title? physician (part time)
Degrees earned? bachelor's degree then MD, + residency (3-4 years)
Typical weekly schedule? my friend works only 4-5 shifts (10 hour shifts) per month, so averaging 1/week
Average wage? she gets around 1000/shift, she averages 60,000/year for her very part time job, obviously full earning potential would be 200K+ for full-time
What is a typical shift like (what do you DO?) evaluate patients in the emergency room or being admitted to the hospital. cover other doctors who are off on vacation/sick leave/etc
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