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Re: I don't care what you call it, it still hurts

I'm exactly the same way. It was definitely worse in my twin pregnancies. But, it absolutely does hurt. When they come, they stop me in my tracts and my breathing gets heavy and I can hardly talk through them. Also, with every single one, I suddenly feel like I have to go pee so badly that I'm going to pee my pants and it hurts like heck! I feel them going into my legs and in my back. They are strong. I get a LOT more of them in the evenings after about 4pm. Last night, they were coming probably every 6-8 minutes for a couple hours. I know they aren't doing much and they aren't "real." It is discouraging. I'm planning my first epi free birth. I've hired a doula and prepared and I don't even know if I want to do it anymore. I probably only have a max of 2 more weeks left also, but I'm scared I'll have more. My first was 39wks 1 day and my twins were 35 wks then 36wks. We can't really go by my history with 2 sets of twins. It could mean, I'm prone to delivering early, but it could be also that with only one baby my body will easily stretch and hang on for longer. Who knows. I can't even imagine going all the way to 40wks getting more and more and stronger and stronger contractions. With my last twin pregnancy, I contracted every 10 minutes or more very strongly for well over a month. I ended up at 5cms and in the hospital for a week because of it. So, this shouldn't feel be bothering me that much, but it really is annoying and frustrating!
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