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Originally Posted by klevmomma View Post
Joining in :-) This will be #6, due June 6. This is only the second time ever that I'll get to be in the early part of a ddc. In 4 of 5 pregnancies I've been due the 23rd or later.

I would just like to say that my absolute favorite thing about Diaperswappers is that I don't feel like a total freak of nature of expecting number 6, though all the fluffy goodness comes in a close second :-) Sometime, I get so used to all the big families "around" here, that when I go back to RL and get the comments from people, dirty looks, etc, I'm look, "Huh? Oh, right. People think we are totally irresponsible or total weirdos." Oh, well. I can get past it, I just really like that I don't feel that here at all!

I'm going to wait probably a month to tell anyone at work, I guess. I'll probably tell our family around the same time too, I suppose, though I was thinking it would be fun to just not tell people and let them figure it out... Or maybe a facebook announcement about "cheaper by the half-dozen?" though a lot of our family isn't on fb and we aren't really either... Don't know yet. I'm only 3w5d, so super early, but I was thinking to tell my couple of girl friends this week, cuz I'm just so excited.

Though, I do feel surprisingly guilty. Like, who am I to want another when I already have 5 amazing kids? But I do... Anyone else with a lot feel that way, or is it just me?

Congrats to everyone! So excited for the next 8 months :-)
I totally feel the same way! We are also expecting #6! And I'm technically due end of May, but I'm hanging out here because I never deliver early. I've also thought about not telling anyone until they start asking!! But I don't think I can wait that long, and our family would probably be mad if we did.

I've thought about posting 5+1=??? on my fb page when we get ready to tell. We'll see though!
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