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Re: If you are TOTALLY done with CD's

I'm in the middle right now, too. My youngest of 4 kids is just fully daytime trained and still in disposable training pants at night since we aren't quite done there yet. I haven't parted with any of my cloth diapers yet because even though we are done with bio-kids we are trying to get licensed for foster care. I hate to sell off my stash, but somehow doing cloth on a babe that I may or may not get to bring home from the hospital and that could have any number of medical issues doesn't seem as exciting to me. However, I bought all of this new newborn fluff before we decided for sure we were done personally, so I haven't been able to bring myself to sell it just yet.

ETA: I don't have an high dollar per item stash, jsy ta huge basic stash. I have prefolds, fitteds (less than $12 each on FSOT), covers, and a few wool items I picked up for really good deals here on FSOT.
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