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Originally Posted by kismetbaby
How are you feeling quick? Been thinking about you!
Boobs hurt like crazy (never had that with Smidget and only very mildly with Deagan---guess the old milk bags are waking up after a year of snoozing?). Progesterone gives me headaches like crazy and the suppositories are pink (this result in pink discharge), so I feel like banging my head against the wall some mornings. I'm hungry but NOTHING sounds good---except the grilled cheese with Nutella and raspberry jam (I know!) that I had for dinner---although thinking about eating it NOW sounds awful, it sure was good at 11 last night!!!
And I'm constipated and peeing way too much ---the PLing 3 year old is like "but MOM! You JUST went! HOW can you need to pee AGAIN already?!?" Haha

So, feeling pregnant! Just wish I weren't so paranoid and scared.

Bu Smidget is already convinced baby is a girl (whom he now calls "squish") and that she wants to play with him a LOT. He keeps telling me to make her bigger already! He finally understands next week...but not next summer, haha
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