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Re: Chat Thread ~ Sept 23-29

Originally Posted by chillimom View Post
My skin is wonky too - tons of breakouts even though it's usually really clear/good. I've gone back to my old highschool days staple of washing with Noxema twice a day and it's cleared back up. But if I skip one washing - zits!

I'm surprised I'm NOT having hip or pubic bone pain yet this time - I did with DD starting at 10 weeks. I'm bigger this time and 11 weeks tomorrow and still doing okay (knock on wood!). I plan to go see a chiro if it gets bad this time though. Last time I suffered through (my doctor told me there was nothing to be done and to suck it up basically), and could hardly move or walk by the end.
I don't have many zits (thank goodness!) but this dryness is really driving me crazy! I'm hoping the cucumbers will help again!!

Very glad you're not having pain yet! I get the odd twinge, but it's nothing more than normal (not pregnant) for me. I'm sure it'll get worse - I employ DH as my hip massager
I HATE that Drs (most of them anyways) won't refer people to chiro - ticks me right off. Chiro can help with so many things, and it's definitely worth a shot. I'd so prefer it over taking meds or surgery, kwim? But most Drs just disregard it as if it's not a real thing or something.

Originally Posted by jenbengtson View Post
ugh the kids I nanny for got me sick...they have some stomach bug and now i have it. My poor tummy hurts so bad.
Oh no!!! ... but from a really big distance! I hope it doesn't last long for you - pregnant + tummy bug is just horrid.
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