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Originally Posted by Kmomto2
If you are going back to work I would get a Medela, hygeia or Ameda pump, both of those can be properly fitted for you whereas the cheaper pumps would not be able to be. <b>Pumps are not one size fits all and you can really tear yourself up if you are pumping with an ill fitting pump. Especially if you are pumping as much as you would working full time. </b>If you are wanting a pump for occasional use and do not return to work a hand pump like the medela harmony works really nicely and is easy on the hands. Some hospitals even have them to give away, you could always ask! It is also able to be fitted to your size.
I totally agree with the bolded. You'll be using it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for ~12 months or more. $300 for that kind of usage is not that bad. I would MUCH rather spend that money on a good pump than spend $80 on a cheap pump that wouldn't be strong enough or well-fitting enough to keep up my supply, and consequently have to spend $$hundreds on formula. Kwim?

I have a Medela Pump In Style Advanced and I'm a SAHM! It was worth every. single. penny. (I think I got it on sale for $275-ish, normally $320). I used it constantly (daily or more) for the first six months to have breast milk stored (and to make baby food with), and then again daily when my son was 8-14 months old, when I increased my supply to donate to a friend's baby.

When DS was jaundiced and needed bottle feedings after every nursing session from day one to week three, my Medela was priceless. I wouldn't have been able to breastfeed without a good pump because my supply wouldn't have been enough (DS was tongue tied). We saved as much money as we could - refinished all of his nursery furniture, didn't buy new clothes, etc, but we bought a new carseat, a new crib, and a great pump. Those are non-negotiables for me.
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