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Re: Do you ask your kid(s) opinion about the possibility of another baby to the famil

My oldest is 9 and yes, we've asked him how he feels about it. Ultimately it's mine and DH's decision, yes, but we do appreciate his opinion and feedback. Eventually he will be asked to help out when we have more and also have to spend part of his childhood with more siblings so we have very open and honest conversations about it with him. He is very excited about having more siblings and knows we'll be going through fertility again to have more babies. I think *most* kids would be very excited and feel important and special to be "included" (if only in their minds) in a decision like that and *most* would be happy and excited to have more brothers and sisters. I'm not sure what we would do if he was very against it. I doubt it would sway our decision one way or the other but I'd be glad to know what his true feelings are. My 3 year old, well he's just starting to understand the whole baby in belly thing but he's excited because his big brother is excited, lol!
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