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Twin Reality Check

Do you think it's foolish of me to want twins? What can you tell me about having twins to give me a reality check?

A little back my siggy shows, I have two boys, 9 and 3. DH and I are going to go through fertility (most likely IVF) in the next month or so. If we do IVF, I'm pretty sure we want to transfer two embryos just so we have the best possible chance of it working the first time. That of course, opens up the possibility of having twins. I was pregnant with mono/di identical twins in 2008 but sadly miscarried them at 9 weeks from, what I believe, was medical negligence. I guess part of me is really excited about the idea of being pregnant with twins again and then hopefully carrying them to term this time. Another part (the realistic part) is really nervous about the idea of a high risk pregnancy, possible major surgery (c-section) then trying to BF, CD and in general, care for twins and my DS's too.

I guess I just need a little perspective and maybe some encouragement *just in case*
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