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Re: Intensity of pushing

I loved reading all of these comments. Sooooo interesting. I am actually very quiet during labor and like to be left alone during labor, even delivery, actually. But, boy, I have let out a HUGE scream as I pushed all five of my children out. I just did what was natural, but I have a audio tape of one and that scream - wow.

I had all five of my children "au natural" No epidurals, no pitocin, etc. I could get through the labors okay - I need to be up and walking around and left alone. But that pushing - I remember each of them like it was yesterday. That crazy feeling - its indescribable.

My theory is that since my labor an deliveries have all been really fast - yes it wasn't dragged out - but I think my body has no time to deal with the intensity. I've gone from 6 to having the baby #4 in 15 minutes - thankfully the nurse caught her with one glove while I stood next to the bed. Baby #2 was born in the foyer - I was walking out the door (well clutching the door knob) and felt his head between my legs. They've all been fast and memorable - all five. I also tear every time - maybe because its so fast?

I never "pushed" either, as some have said. I just let my body go and screamed. Ha!
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