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Re: Basic Woolie Wednesday

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Good lord! If he needs 5/6 then I don't have any woolies that would fit him. Ian is truly a 2 or 3T in the waist, but needs the length of a 4 or 5T pants. He's 42" tall though, not 36". Total beanpole.

So wouldn't a 5/6 be way too long if he has a 12" inseam? Mel and Ru probably would be the one to know about this stuff, both the sizing and big boys.
I'm not sure....I just used a random site for comparing clothes online. If he has on a sposie his inseam is much longer. By a few inches even.

Originally Posted by lemurmommies View Post
I could measure E's inseam if you would like, Janine. E currently wears a size 5 (to short) or 6 (too big in waist) pants. He is currently 48" tall - that's 122cm. Fun fun! We are not buying any new items at all in a 5, but at the same time some stores 5/6 are way way too big on him. It's kind of a pain!
I should measure Fynn again... I'll do that when he gets home.
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