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Long update!

I saw my OB yesterday and we had a nice long appointment and talked in depth about most of what was discussed here. Luckily he was on board with 99% of what I was thinking - there were actually a few times where DH and I looked at each other like, "did he really just say okay that quickly?" since he is quite "main stream".

We decided to opt out of urine dips, GD testing, AFP/genetic testing and any other further blood work, flu shot, and some of the "check up" appointments where not much will be done.

The 20 week ultrasound will also be delayed until January when I will be 25 weeks (mostly for insurance reasons). His main concern with delaying this was if a major abnormality of some sort developed that would prevent the baby from surviving outside of the womb, that delaying the ultrasound would be more difficult to "take care" of the issue - meaning, induce miscarriage. Ugh. He was so uncomfortable and wanted to stick with speaking in euphemisms, but it really irritated me that he wouldn't just say what he was thinking. When I made it clear that we would never induce a miscarriage and I believe if God intends for me to miscarry, I will - he was totally fine with delaying the ultrasound.

And, honestly, I'm not even sure that I want to have that ultrasound done. I asked him WHY it was necessary, really, and he said if I'm not concerned with having a "bad baby" (oh my gosh, I was so frustrated when he said that!) then there really was no reason for it. When he was in the Navy (can't remember where he said he was stationed) the OBs on base were delivering 600+ babies A MONTH. Omg! And they just didn't have the time/money for ultrasounds, so they stopped doing them, and there were no adverse affects on prenatal care or mother/baby health (aside from, I'm assuming, mothers who would rather have "taken care" of their "bad babies").

The only misgiving I have about skipping the ultrasound is that they won't know where my placenta is attached, which could be problematic during delivery if it's not in a good spot.

We had a good conversation about GBS testing and he would rather err on the side of caution, and I'm inclined to agree. Although if I do test positive for some reason, I think I will have them re-test before delivery after trying home remedies... Not exactly crazy about the potential of being pumped full of antibiotics, when I can count the # of times I've taken them on one hand.

The only thing I could tell he was a little miffed about was me refusing the flu shot. I refused it with DS, so he wasn't surprised, but he still thinks I need to be vaccinated for last year's flu. *rolls eyes* I've never had the flu shot and never come down with a serious case of the flu.

So, all in all, I'm really happy that he is on board with what we wanted to do. He called me "outside of the box" once and DH and I laughed so hard... I have ALWAYS been "out of the box", since day 1, so I told him I have no problem with that. Lol. Of course he said he wasn't crazy with being out of the box... But whatever. I'm also really happy that DH is 110% supportive of what I want, even though he is also quite medically "main stream" as an EMT. He admitted to me that if he was the pregnant one, he would be getting all of the screenings, tests, and probably a few extra, but he would support whatever I wanted since he trusts my judgment and knows I do my research and don't make snap decisions. On anything. love him!
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