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Re: I am going to go off...

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
I know what you mean - I am the same way. My DH is... not!

FWIW, I don't think there would be any conversation following an honest comment from you - simply saying "That was a rude thing to ask/say" is not mean or rude in itself, and the other person would most likely be embarassed and would get way asap!
Probably. I think what kills me the most though is these are WOMEN who HAVE CHILDREN!! One would think they of all people would understand.

Everyone ready for a laugh??? This is my current FB status that I just typed up. Enjoy and feel free to share if you want .

" important lesson for all you people out there who don't already know.

1) Don't ever say to a pregnant woman anything that would imply that she is huge, large or any other synonym associated with these words. It doesn't matter how large she is, she always looks fabulous.
2) Don't EVER ask the question "you got twins in there or something?" Not only is that implying a violation of rule #1, but it also could be a sensitive subject to someone who may have lost a multiple pregnancy (perhaps losing a multiple in THIS pregnancy)
3) If you don't KNOW for a fact that a woman is pregnant, don't comment on the pooch she is getting and ask questions that would imply you think said pooch is from a previous pregnancy. If the pooch is growing it is not from a previous pregnancy, she is either pregnant again or just getting fat and you don't want to make a mistake deciphering between the 2.
4) Don't ever tell her she looks like crap, even if she does. Don't comment that she looks tired, or her skin is breaking out...just don't do it. Even if you mean it complimentary by stating she is looking better today than the day before, that implies that yesterday she looked like crap and does not help with her self esteem
5) Remember the age old piece of advice your Mama gave you... "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all." Pregnant women have feelings too, usually more than our non pregnant counterparts. We are sensitive and need compassion. Making a joke at a pregnant woman's expense is just going to drag her self esteem down even lower. If you don't have something positive to say to her, then just keep your mouth shut.
6) Last rule- Don't EVER EVER touch her belly unless she invites you to do so! We are not buddah statues and our bodies don't become public property just because there is a baby in there. HANDS OFF!

I hope you all have learned a valuable lesson from this and next time you run across a beautifully pregnant woman you will smile and know all the right things to say as well as what not to say ."
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