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Re: June 2013

My mom knows, my bff knows, and a girl at work who is called "clam" around here for being tight lipped knows. That's it. I have an u/s on Oct. 9 - if we see a heartbeat then I will tell the boss since I'll have to miss my last two weeks with 8th grade graduation and all... Otherwise, we might announce at ds's 2-year-old birthday (Oct. 21) OR at Halloween, depending on how big I am. I tend to show early and was in maternity by 8 weeks with ds, and couldn't hide it anymore at 12, even under a big sweatshirt. At his birthday I will be 8.5 weeks, with halloween being 2 days shy of 10. I guess we'll just play it by ear...

BTW, at 4 weeks 5 days, the hyperemesis has already returned, I'm taking B6 regularly, and the doc has already ordered and I have picked up the Zofran, on standby to use daily for the first day I puke more than twice... I'm right at two right now, so again, we shall see....
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