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Re: Please help me with my son..

you need a new allergist. I have never had an allergist refuse to test either for me or my daughter when there was an unknown allergy still reacting. I would recommend getting a new allergist and getting testing done before making a change like this. Also recommend a food diary, so you can note when symptoms occur. That will help you narrow things down some. What was he tested for before? Just peanuts? Top 8? Enviro? If he refuses eggs take that as a hint- he may not like them or they may be causing him a problem, you may want to cut eggs and see what happens. My dd ate cantaloupe for a year so when she had her first reaction we didn't think it was cantaloupe. But then she refused to eat it. Kids are better a listening to their bodies then adults. Also all of his symptoms could be caused by enviro- even the vomiting (mucus draining into the stomach causes nausea). Is it worse in the morning? Dust mites could cause that. Dairy is a likely food culprit- you may want to cut the yogurt out. Since you already don't do dairy it won't be a huge change. There are so many variables you really need more answers to get it taken care off. Get a new allergist. Is your doc concerned about the lack of weight gain? Has it changed from what he has always done?

My dd is allergic to peanuts, coconut, cantaloupe, dogs, cats and dust mites. She also has a dairy sensitivity- symptoms starting at 3 weeks old. I am allergic to pretty much everything you can breathe (I have puked more then once from fresh cut grass). DD was 18 pounds at 1. her dairy thing wasn't diagnosed until she was 1, before that we got blown off as being overprotective and unable to cope with our "colicky" baby. Even when she started missing her milestones they still told us everything was fine. At 1 we switched docs. Took 5 mins for her new doc to figure out something was wrong. 2 weeks on milk and she knew the issue. DD did have mal absorption problems because it. She went on prescription vitamins and within 2 weeks of changing to soy she gained weight. At 18 months she was 21 pound. She didn't gain but 1 pound from 18 to 24. I can't remember what the rest were, but she stayed on the track so docs aren't concerned that she is 3 rd percentile. At 5 she weighs 32 pounds. She is a skinny minnie and likely to always be (I was underweight until pregnancy). She takes regular flinstones now. We use full fat soy milk. We use olive oil in everything- her noodles, her veggies, everything gets a coating of olive oil- its good way to add fat without adding a lot of flavor for picky kids. She loves avocados and olives so those are regular snacks. We also use Wowbutter to make wowbutter crackers and sandwiches (we don't send them to school though, don't want to cause confusion). We also use to add scrambled eggs and/or hamburger to her rice in addition to her meals actual protein source. All this has ever done has keep her on track. We stopped trying to get her to actively gain at 2 when everything we did, just didn't work. Her doc is not concerned with her weight since it is the following her personal curve.
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