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Re: 2 questions about nursing

Whether you use a nursing pillow does depend a little on your body size, as mentioned, as well as where you are using it. If you have a nice chair with arms, you may not need one. I like to nurse in an heirloom rocking chair from my husband's family. This chair is too narrow to fit a nursing pillow, but I use the arms of the chair to help keep my arms in place to properly position the baby. With some of my other kiddos, I enjoyed nursing lying down (which someone else mentioned also). So, I would suggest you get one to try. You may or may not end up using it, but it can be helpful in positioning your baby properly. Often, you can find a good one secondhand, then you don't have to spend a lot on something you might end up not using.
As for the second question, you won't really have the same food restrictions as during pregnancy. All that about not eating undercooked meat and eggs or deli meats, etc. is designed to prevent potential pregnancy loss if you get sick. After the baby is born, it is just you getting sick if you are unlucky!
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