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Re: Roundabout vs Marathon

The seats are made out of the same materials as the ones from their own generation. Keep in mind that Britax has revised both of those seats over the years, and made changes, without changing the names too much. So the original "roundabout" (also sometimes known as a Roundabout 40) hasn't been made for a while. The next roundabout was the Roundabout 50, now available only at Target, and the standard roundabout NOW is the Roundabout 55. The Roundabout 50 and Roundabout 55 are quite a bit different, and I think made out of different materials.

With Marathons, there haven't been quite so many different seats, basically just the original Marathon (sometimes known now as the Marathon 65 in the US, and is still sold at Target as a "classic Marathon") and the Marathon 70/70-G3 (which is known as the Marathon 65 in Canada - confusing, eh?). The Marathon 70 and Roundabout 55 are made of the same materials.

So if someone is comparing a Roundabout 40 or Roundabout 50 to a Marathon 70, then they are comparing seats made of different materials.

Hope this is helpful and not just adding to the confusion.

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