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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Jen~ that's exciting and awesome! Way to go!

Shannon~ I've found a lot of great math manipulative sets on ebay for good prices. Glad to hear Tharen is doing better! Have you thought about a rewards system? 5 days of fight free school = some kind of reward, like a blockbuster movie or a picnic lunch or something?

Vivian~ I remember your thread a while back, I'm so glad you got everything figured out and school is going more smoothly. It's very reassuring to a new hser to see the struggles and triumphs.

Kristin~ wow it sounds like you have your hands full! Is there any way to switch the schedule around? Do a daily subject 3x times a week instead, to make room for history and science? Or prepare some kind of experiment in advance and they can work at the kitchen table while you're making lunch? Could you borrow some history books on tape/cd from the library and listen while driving in the evening?

Miranda~ Hey hun!!

So I might have trouble reading through this thread and keeping everyone, their names, and their situations straight!! Oh, and by the way, everyone sounds really organized! It's probably not that way irl but it sounds like it!! I feel all over the place. I clean my moms for extra $ twice a week, and often those days go very smoothly, but it does take away from my "cleaning energy" to clean my own home. Sometimes balancing hsing and cleaning is chaotic for me!

Also, the kids and I haven't had a vehicle for maaaaany months and we are all getting cabin fever. We are looking at a van and having it looked at on Friday, so hopefully next week we will have a van! That would be so wonderful.

The past couple days we have been reading science books and doing activities along with them, the kids have really enjoyed that. DS and I are working on his reading. Still have to get to math today, which has just been number concepts lately. DS is getting math very easily and lately has been randomly adding. Like we pulled out the eggs yesterday to make pancakes and there is a cluster of 3 on one side and 1 on the other, he says "HEY!!!! 3+1 equals 4!!!" So he gets it but I don't want to start math worksheets yet, and I'm hoping dd will catch up with him a bit.

We have also been taking a lot about life lesson type things. How to stay safe, clean and healthy. What kind of things we like, and trying new things to find something in life that makes you very happy. We read Mirette on the high wire today prior to that conversation. What a great book, we all loved it.
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