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This is my second homebirth. But my first HBA2C. My first homebirth was a successful VBAC, but the baby after him was another CSection.
Im si excited because I love my midwife. Shes so sweet and supportive. I love that she believes in me and just loves our whole family.
I can admit Im scares to be a HBA2C. Not because I dont think itll go great, but a lot of people think Im crazy and it messes with my head when they tell me how "nervous" they are for me. I also have a fear of post partum hemorrhage, bc this is my 7th baby and I kniw the chance increases the more babe you have. But Ill talk to my midwife about both these things and I know shell calm those fears.
My first appointment with her is Oct 9th (10 weeks) and I cant wait!!!

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