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Re: Twin Reality Check

Originally Posted by twinpossible View Post
I wanted twins, prayed for them for a long long time. It took us over 6 years to get our girls. When I actually got what I prayed for I was SO grateful. I can say there are more positives then negatives but you did mention some of the trials we experienced. They were high risk, born at 29 weeks and spent 3 months in the NICU. Once they got home life was hard for a while. BUT you adjust and then they become SO much fun. I love having two at once. We are expecting our third and are discussing having another right after so this one has a playmate too
Thank you SO much for your post! DH and I both feel very strongly that our ID twins would have been girls and I love hearing from moms of ID twins because it makes me feel connected to my angel babies. I'm glad to hear you were still so happy and excited even though it was hard for you in the beginning. I feel like it would be the same for us. I want this baby or babies (Lord willing!) soooo much that it honestly hurts my heart sometimes. I know from many, many firsthand experiences that having a newborn is a lot of work, but I really feel like I'll be ok if we have twins. My DH is very, very supportive and does everything I ask him and helps around the house probably more than he should and our boys are both very helpful too! I've also worked at a daycare in the newborn nursery and taken care of four babies by myself all day long. I know I was getting a full nights rest each night and had weekends off but from 6:15am to 4:30pm everyday, I had them by myself, they were on a schedule and I LOVED it! I really, really loved my job! I couldn't wait to see those babies each morning and even if it got a little crazy sometimes, I figure if I can handle four babies at a time all by myself, all day long, I could probably handle twins 24/7. lol
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