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These items are all in stock and ready to ship! Items will be shipped within 2 business days. Post in this thread or PM me if you would like to purchase anything I will gladly ship to Canada, just add $2

***If you see something you like but need a different size just let me know! I can do customs ***

The Grinch Longies $20ppd
Size: Large
Waist 17" to 19"
Rise 20"
Inseam 11 3/4"

Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer longies. $20ppd
Size: Large
Waist: 17" to 19"
Rise: 21"
Inseam: 11"

Nightmare Before Christmas Fleece Longies $20ppd SOLD! Can make more
Size: Medium
Waist 15"-17"
Rise 17"
Inseam 10"

On The Go Ponchos! Great for the carseat as there is an opening in the back to allow you to strap your child in without having any bulk between the harness and your child.

These are instock ponchos. I am MORE than happy to do custom ponchos if anyone needs them!

Monster Poncho (Single layer, Size: 6 months) $20PPD

Made from a single layer of warm and fuzzy fleece. The hood snaps on which allows the opening to be in the back for strapping in the carseat or in the front for when you are babywearing.

Alien Invasion Poncho! (Double layer, Size: 12 months) $25PPD

Take Me Out To The Ballgame Poncho! (Double Layer, Size: 12 months) $25PPD

Zebra Poncho! (Double Layer, Size: 2T) $25PPD

***All measurements are taken at rest***

Small Ladybug Fleece Longies $20ppd

Waist 13"
Rise 15"
Inseam 7"

Medium Rainbow Longies *Slight Seconds* $17ppd SOLD
Waist 15"
Rise 16"
Inseam 9"

Big Newborn/Small Double Layer Scrappy Wool Wrap $35ppd

Made From 95/5 wool blend. Outer layer is made with hand dyed wool, inside layer is natural (no dye). This wrap will fit a large newborn and up to about 18-20 pounds. It has a snap down for the umbilical cord but will grow with your child for a long time. Two layers of wool offers bulletproof protection from leaks!

Cloth Menstrual Pads
"Mama Cloth"

****All of these cloth pads have bamboo as the absorbent layers and are fleece backed to avoid leaks and slippage.

Birds in a Cage Regular Flow Pads $7ppd
3 Available (2 OBV topped, 1 black cotton velour topped)

Orchid Regular Flow Pad $7ppd
1 Available (Microfleece topped)

Planet Green Regular Flow Pad $7ppd
1 Available (OBV topped)

Hoot Hoot! Regular Flow Pads $7ppd
5 Available (all OBV topped)

*SECONDS* Regular Flow Pads $5ppd
3 Available (2 white microfleece, 1 green microfleece)

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