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Want Chickens - Where do I start?

We bought our first house and moved a couple of weeks ago. Now I want chickens! But I don't know where to start!

Here's what I know about chickens:

1 - They are birds.

2 - They lay eggs.

3 - They are delicious.

That's about it.

We have 3 acres of property, but the vast majority of it is wooded. We have a little yard behind the house, and a bit of grass around the front and the side.

I want to raise free range chickens for eggs and meat. The town will allow me to have up to 60 chickens at once. I think I will start out with less, though. LOL

I know that I will need a coop. Not sure where to get one, though. I would love to build one, but I am not handy in that way at all.

I am also a bit concerned about the woods. I am told that chickens love to forage in the woods. But predators concern me. I guess with free ranging, I should just prepare myself to lose some.

Also, is there one time of year that is better for starting all of this over the others? I live in New York, so winter will be on its way soon. Do free-rangers go out and forage in the snow?

Just trying to educate myself.
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