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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Well, we missed check-in yesterday (and school too) because we were busy doing some deconstruction. A friend of my mother's bought a new house and there was a huge play house in the back yard; she offered to let us have it if we would come tear it down. We spent 6 hours out there yesterday taking off the roof and loft area of it. Luckily my dad's profession was carpentry so he is helping us tear it down and then will help re-build it at our house. We are actually going to make it a coop for the chickens we will be getting in the spring.
DD3 accidentally poked DD2 in the eye yesterday morning and it kept bothering her off and on all day, so after all of the work was done we had an appointment for her at the eye doctor. Luckily there is no damage done, he said it was more like a slight bruise and to just let her rest it.
As far as today goes we are resting up because half of us have or are getting colds. We didn't get too much school done today either, but will be back at it tomorrow. Hope all you ladies are having good days with your little ones.
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