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Re: I am going to go off...

Originally Posted by ~KittyKat~ View Post
Thank you everyone for trying to comfort me. When I wrote this I was in the middle of an emotional break down. Of course yesterday one of the rude customers that made me cry came in and I was polite but not making small talk and she goes "what are you in a bad mood or something?" No I am not in a bad mood I just don't want to go off on you. Then this morning someone I work with commented that I was getting a pooch and asked me when I had my baby referring to my DD (who is 2 1/2 by the way and I have only been here 6 months), I told her I was pregnant and she had no idea. What on earth would possess you to comment asking when someone had their baby if you are noticing the pooch STARTING and not knowing I am pregnant. Thank goodness, only another week and a half of this place and then I am moving to Michigan lol.

To the Mama's who have lost, I am so sorry. I may not know what it is like to lose twins but I know the pain of miscarriage
I can't believe that lady asked about your weight like that!!! I would be soooo mad and probably say something I would regret later, like 'I'm pregnant, what's with you're belly?' :P I got asked if I was pregnant earlier this year when I wasn't, and I was so caught off guard I responded "No, just fat apparently..." The person who asked was mortified....
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