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Re: Twin Reality Check

Big hugs first of all.

I don't know if it's just my twins, but it's chaos and crazy everyday lol. I really wanted to breastfeed, but realized that wasn't happening. So I settled in for exclusive pumping for a year- I figured breastmilk is breastmilk Like Yoga mama said, you have to be flexible.

I think a big thing is do you have a good support system to help out with your older kids if you go on bed rest or your twins have a longer stay in the NICU?

I think because of doing IVF, being on progesterone for the first trimester did help. My OBGYN and MFM always admired how thick the lining of their amnionic sacs were.

That's awesome you're familiar with handling multiple infants at the same time!

Since you're doing IVF, you'll be monitored from the get-go since they already know you have a high chance of multiples. I had an uneventful twin pregnancy- I worked until I was about 30 weeks along at a job where I was on my feet and sitting on a stool. I did go on modified bed rest when I was about 32 weeks. I was stubborn on my birthday and walked around the mall to eat my favorite foods which caused Baby A's water to break. I'm sure if I had been a good girl and listened to my OBGYN, my babies would have cooked longer than 35 weeks. Although I did have a double whammy birth

They did spend 7 days in the NICU for the feeding and growing program, but I think that's more because I birthed in a military hospital and the NICU had room- it was more for precaution. But I was thankful for that rest- we had no one to help us here in Germany, so the NICU nurses were the ones that tried to help me breastfeed and showed us how to care for our twins.
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