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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Originally Posted by 2queens&1princenmyhouse View Post
How do you like Scott Foresman Grammar? I'm guessing that you are using the free one. That's what we are using too. I think it's ok. I'm just worried that it isn't meaty enough.

Do you have an ipad or andriod something or other? For spelling, I've had the kids start using Word Ball as one of their activities. It's a free app that I got for our Kindle. Basically little balls fly around with letters on them and you have to spell words (I have them do the words on their lists) before all the balls with a particular letter disappear. They try to see how many words they can get before the necessary letters are gone. I only started that this week, but both girls seemed to enjoy it.

Thanks for the audiobook idea. I did rip the library copy of SOTW to our computer so I could stop paying overdue fees. Now I just need to burn a few CDs. I also think I'm going to search our library for some trade books and the girls can read a couple of assigned chapters and we can discuss them pretty much any time throughout the day

I Mirette on the High Wire.

Jen: congrats on getting 200 hours and finishing your curriculum!

I've just been writing things down. I haven't calculated any hours yet. I should probably do that.
I like Scott Foresman pretty well for Grammar. I liked the look of them better than because there seemed to be more actual writing and Kearnan has had a lot of issue with writing. His issues are partially related to his ASD but I wish I had pushed him just a bit more when he was younger. Next year I will be using Hake Grammar which is a big book and very thorough but I think this is more than enough for now. I also use the Scott Foresman reading books when I find them cheap at thrift stores or Half Price Books. I think they fit together well and are more convenient in the early years than buying a bunch of early readers.

The boys do have android tablets, I will look for that app for both of them to try out. Hopefully Tharen will enjoy it enough to want to play it.
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