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Re: Fav Cookbook?

Originally Posted by danner View Post
The Joy of Cooking is my go-to book. It has everything, plus information about the various ingredients we use. I also subscribe to Cooks Illustrated online.

But if I want the straight recipe, easy to use and tried and true, I DON'T go to; I go to Joy of Cooking.
Originally Posted by Mama*Kim View Post
Yup. The only thing I use allrecipes for is inspiration. If I know I want to use a particular ingredient, I might search it on allrecipes just to spark my creativity. Most of the time, I just read the titles and don't even read the actual recipes. I constantly have friends calling me saying "I made such-and-such from allrecipes and it didn't turn out. What happened?" is wonderful and they have a great iPad app.
I find it interesting the different preferences. I bought The Joy of Cooking brand new. I didn't like it and gave it away. I love allrecipes. Whatever I have in my house I can usually find something to make with it. What I particularly lilke are the reviews. I am not very good at following a recipe exactly. I make substitutions and adjustments for availability, allergies, and preferences in food. I like that I can read what others have done to change the recipes up a bit.

For general all around cooking I prefer the older 1940's-1950's or earlier cookbooks as they tend to use fewer pre made items such as canned soups. For a newer all around cookbook I like Goodhouskeeping cookbook and Bettycrocker cookbook.

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