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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post

Corrie - Very cool about the play house! That sounds like so much fun tearing it down and rebuilding it as a family. Glad your daughters eye is okay.

Rain - We have 2 Jen's. So, I'm going to call you Rain. Believe me, I'll have a hard time keeping everyone straight too. LOL. As far as being organized, I feel like in the area of homeschooling, I'm fairly organized with my 1st grader who is the only one doing formal school. BUT, I think it's because I buy a full boxed curriculum that tells me exactly what to do. Also, right now, we mostly focus on the basics. With so many littles, I just don't have time to get in a lot of extras. (Of course, we are on an extended break right now anyway. ) My DD who is 4 is doing the same thing with adding. She is randomly adding everything. My 1st grader is doing addition and she is picking it up. I hope the van works out for you!!!

Who said they were looking into A Beka for next year? We are looking into that just for LA. I'm surprised by how much it costs. But, I know it is a super strong program.

As for schooling, we are taking a break, but I really don't want to be. I want to get back to it. So, I'm thinking we will try to do something tomorrow. But, it's going to be crazy trying to get school done right now. I had protein in my urine at my OB appt today. So, I have to go back on Friday. Plus, we have a house appraisal on Friday afternoon and then a speech eval on Tuesday plus at least one more OB appt next week. (Of course, that's if the protein was a fluke and they don't need to induce me for pre-e.) So, I feel a little nuts trying to do it, but I also feel really out of sorts not doing school. I feel like my kids need it. Wish me luck getting some in!!!
I agree that play house sounds awesome!

Thanks for the van wishes I'm trying to not get too excited but at the same time I just CAN'T wait for those small things, like being able to run through at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and "breakfast" and going to the park at the beginning of the day... so tired of being confined to the house!!!

I can't imagine hsing a 1st grader, keeping up with so many little ones, and being at the end of pregnancy!! You are amazing!!

We are using Abeka but I just went through and bought the books that would be best for us. The full curriculum plus the teacher books are ridiculously expensive. I did find some sets on ebay for a good price though.
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