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Originally Posted by Mom2ManyBlessings
I know Im not the only one Who else is having a homebirth?

Is this your first? If not how many homebirths have you had?

What are you most excited about? Biggest fear?

When is your first appointment with your midwife?

Anything else youd like to share?
Yay for homebirth!

This will hopefully be my second homebirth. My first was an accidental unassisted HB. ;-)

I am most excited about just being in a space I am totally comfortable. I love being able to eat, shower, sleep or whatever when I want to. I loved directly after having DS2, I got to eat a yummy breakfast, drink a big ole glass of OJ and nurse my baby. Then I fell asleep in my own bed. :-) Ahhhh I am also stoked that my other kids can be here for the birth. DS1 REALLY wants to be present.

I am most nervous about being transferred and having to have a c-section. Mainly because between the two hospitals I can choose from, one has the highest csection rate in the county and the other won't release placentas for 5 days!!!!! I will be encapsulating my placenta so I want that sucker ASAP.

Not sure when my first midwife appt will be probably around 10 weeks. So, in a couple weeks.

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