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not as in love with BFing as I

DS finally came home from the hospital on Monday night!! After 3 long weeks! While he was there I nursed about once per day, sometimes 2-3 times. We have to use a shield and he just recently got a decent latch.

I have almost 200oz frozen already and am running out of freezer space until we can afford a chest freezer next week. Now that he's home I try to put him to the breast every time he seems hungry and he typically eats/sucks. If he's gassy he pops off a lot as the gas/pooping bothers him. Sometimes he'll stay on a few minutes, sometimes for an hour. He can also chug a bottle like crazy. It def. doesn't feel likehe's emptying my breasts though and now I wake up in the night pouring milk all over myself but it's so hard to find time to pump nowthat he's home. Part of me wants to say screw it and just pump like I did for DS1, especially now that I actually have a great supply. I don't want to lose my great supply either.

Breastfeeding just seems messy and awkward but I know he's still super young and we haven't really had time to get into a routine. Will things get better? How often should I pump? He won't latch if I'm super fullor engorged. And with a 3 year old pumping quickly beforehand isn't always feasible.

I guess I thought breastfeeding would be filled with warm and fuzzies and its not. I feel terrible that I'm even thinking of voluntarily giving up, especially because I've dealt with mommy guilt from NOT being able to nurse at all with DS1 since he was born. ugh I just don't know! help?

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