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Re: Craziest "thrifty" meal you've ever made?

OK. Strangest "thrifty" meal I've ever been subjected to comes with a story:

I was working as a teacher at a Hutterite colony and ate lunch with the colony every day. One day I asked "so what's for lunch today" and a student replied "Bertha is cooking, so we are having Oh Crap" I was shocked that a student had said that and began to say how inappropriate it was to call a lovely old woman's cooking "crap" when the oldest boy stepped up and said no, thats what everyone calls it... "Oh Crap" and warned me to grab bread as fast as posible since no one really ate the Oh Crap and just filled up on bread.
You see. Oh Crap is the loving term for... pork blood stew. Take the pigs heart, lungs, and I-don't-want-to-knows chop it up cook it, make a broth mixture of pork blood, flour, spices, and I-don't-want-to-know. Attempt to serve it. And there you have the thriftiest meal ever created, that NO ONE other than Bertha and Samuel would eat.
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