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Emma Faith <3

Miss Emma decided to make her appearance on Sunday. Completely unexpected, I was fully prepared to be overdue.
Her birth story: I woke up with contractions at 4 am on Sunday morning. They were coming quick at 4-5 minutes apart. I woke my husband at around 5:30am and told him I needed to go be checked. We (basically me, to the protests of many) decided I would go by myself while DH waited at home for my parents to get there to watch our other children. I got there and was checked in triage to be told my cntx were slowing down, I was still at 2cm/50% (as I was at my last appt.) and I should go walking and if I needed then come back in two hours to be checked again. We went home and I bounced on my yoga ball for awhile and walked around. At almost 9am, I was still having cntx so DH took me back to the hospital. Was checked and disappointed to find I had only progressed to 3cm/50% so we went home again. My parents, kids and DH all tried to keep me entertained at home but I was in pain and pretty hormonal. I decided to take a bath and try to relax. Afterwards, I just wanted to be alone so I threw on a sports bra and panties and laid down on our bed.
My parents decided to take our kids to their house at 11am. My DH tidied up the house and puttered around before he decided to come and lay down with me. He was so patient and loving with me, encouraging me to breathe. After laying there with me for about 15mins, he grabbed a notebook and pencil feeling like he needed to keep track since it seemed they were coming one right after the other. He wrote down one time: 1200. That cntx ruptured my water and it was so forceful I heard the pop then gush. I jumped off the bed and immediately panicked because I knew she would be coming quick after that. I yelled at my husband that we needed to go NOW. He was fast as lightening and helped me get dressed, down to the car and away we went.
It took 15 mins to get to the hospital, he parked and ran for a wheelchair. I grabbed his wallet, my purse, the keys and locked the car and stood on the sidewalk. He sprinted with me howling the whole time to hurry up lol Plowing over a group of soldiers and some poor lady exiting the elevator. We made it to L&D and they took me back. My doctor insisted she check to make sure my water had ruptured, apparently the trail I left wasn't evidence enough. But, she did and while checking her face paled and she turned looking at the nurse mouthing, "I can see the head." Before I knew it, I was being wheeled to an actual L&D room and begged for an epidural. That wasn't happening. My doctor encouraged me to try to just push, telling me she was right there and I could do it. So, I did. 3 pushes and Miss Emma Faith came into the world.

7lbs 14oz
20 inches
39.2 weeks

We are completely in love. She's beautiful and the sweetest girl.

Me and my girl about 10 minutes after she was born.

First cloth diaper

Our squish <3
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