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Re: coconut cream concentrate ?

On the Tropical Tradition's recipe page, under their recipe for coconut milk (made from shredded coconut) I found this comment from Sarah (the owner's daughter):

You can mix about 1 teaspoon of CCC to 6-8 oz of water to make coconut cream milk. This can be a substitute for coconut milk but it's not the same (gritty because of the fiber). If you want to do that just mix the two ingredients together. That's all there is to it. If you want a true coconut milk though you have to follow the above recipe exactly. Sorry, but it can't be changed.
# Posted By Sarah | 11/16/09 11:38 AM

So it looks like she has had similar experience. It's close, but grainy. When I bought it, I was hoping for a shelf stable, mix it as needed coconut milk. What I got was a yummy addition to recipes, an awesome butter for sweet sandwiches, and something yum to make a spoon delicious. I think you should try it and see if you like the results! Just because I didn't, doesn't mean you won't. GL!!
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