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Re: Intensity of pushing

With my first, the epi failed completely, but the pushing part, while painful as heck, was not awful. I was in control for the most part and while intense, it was under control. With my second, the epi worked ok, so my labor was great. I slept and chatted with DH. However, when I got to 10cm, all hell broke loose. I had so.much.pressure. My body just took over and I was sobbing and panicking because I couldn't control anything at all. He just slipped out in about 3 pushes. The pressure was just insane. He's nearly 14mths old and I can still remember that part like it was yesterday.

ETA: I also love labor and delivery. Pregnancy is not good for me(SICK the whole time), but birth was amazing and exhilirating(yes, even in a hospital and with meds). I'd have a whole passel if all I had to do was birth them and could skip the whole pregnancy thing.
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